Friday, May 27, 2005

Divine Madness.

Hey Bloggers.. its an update. After a disasterous past few days, i was hoping that the 'everything comes in threes' philosophy was just one of them throw away comments. Not tempting fate, but so far so good •tentively checking his watch•, damn.. forgot my watch. May be that was the third? Don't think that even I am that lucky do you?

Golf; I have bad rounds of golf, I mean the sort of rounds that generally culminates in you burying your head in the nearest sand bunker like an ostrich... only to finally leave the course once darkness has fallen. That almost was me yesterday, hehehe.. but the thought of sacrificing a few more cells of grey matter to the God of Drunkards was too enticing, so filling my mouth full of sand can wait .... this week.

So where are we? Oh yeah.. working and hoping that this weekend represents a model for the return of my good luck.. and my grinning face.. and hope... and WHATEVER!

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