Monday, May 23, 2005

Moody Monday...

Hey blog blaggers. Tis monday once more and only a few short days until we all start planning our weekend again. Doh! Decided to skate into work today - woke up to find my house mate already gone to work.. i only work 2 seats down from him too! Bit of a surprise.. ;-D

Maybe i should tread carefully for the next few days and keep my vastly unpopular thoughts and ideas to myself.. hehehe. Our other house mate hid himself in his room all evening and night... I am thinking practical jokes maybe? Just to get the house comradery going again.

Skating was cool.. a bit tiring (5 miles), but entirely worth it!

Why shouldn't we all be happy?
Well, i guess that is the common right of everyone - to enjoy life and desire the company of those who care for us and make us happy. Lets say we all could unconditionally love one another and spread this happiness to every person that we meet. After a while that love may loose some of its meaning, maybe not seem quite as powerful or important. Surely we can give a little more of yourself to those who really make our life complete? But who? And when we do it.. then how do we make this other person understand how much you really care for them - over and above everyone else.. maybe we could call it super love? Lol.. maybe not.


Anonymous said...

gary cuba you have such a gorgeous way with words.. and you suck so bad.. lol.

Sarah xxx

Gary Cuba said...

Just spotted this (only 4 years late), cheers for the comment :-)


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