Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I have resisted the temptation to return to contract phones for about 2 years now... the lure is an ever present danger to a portion of my disposable income each month - i must resist!!

So, ok.. i am going to give it a go this weekend - see how many free minutes/texts each month it takes to sell my soul to the network daemons. The question is, how much research do I need to partake in before I bear arms? I like to feel a little bit prepared.. you know so I am not completely brainwashed by talktime industry quotes and hands free juggling. So no!.. I am not going to point at a pretty box exclaiming "I want that one" OR try to attach every single plastic talking box to my new jeans belt before my mate can.. even though the latter sounds like fun - again.

No doubt what will happen is the same thing that always happens.... after a brief period of unsatisfying foreplay with the sales person, a number misleading questions about your mobile phone habits - then finially what is your favourite colour (cut to the bridge of death sketch in Monty Pythons 'The Holy Grail'...WHAT.. is your favourite colour?!), then BLAMMO!

You are at home with a phone you can't use for the infinitely small size of the buttons, the security code they gave you - actually locks the phone out (everytime), it looks more like clam shell than a clam shell does and the only way you can get a signal for the new fangled network is by hanging off your roof chimney when air pollution is at absolute zero. This weekend is going to be a blast.....

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