Wednesday, June 01, 2005


You will definitely have to excuse my dullness today.. i had only a few hours sleep and still the local moggies* were able to 'give it some' in the street below. The resulting noise was disturbing.

i) Car is in garage. Praying.
ii) Star Wars III is still great the second time you watch it. Bo Selecta!!
iii) Cats DO NOT make beautiful music together. Fact.
iv) People ARE strange. (Thankyou Echo And The Bunnymen) Word.

*moggies.. Domesticated felines, but NOT subtle.

....normal service will resume after these words from my sponsor.....

1.2.many - because your judgement in now in our hands
"Are you fed up with making a fool of yourself infront of your friends and collegues whilst under the influence? And to top it all off you manage to upset a special friend or estranged ex partner by cell phone at 4 o'clock in the morning. Well, we may not be able to prevent you from alcohol abuse, but we can save you 'abusing' your associates by digital cell phone! With this new product - the 1.2.many!!"
"Yes thats right. Simply attach this wonderful gizmo to your cell phone and voila! No more 'being sent to coventry' because YOU can't handle your drink (warning-internalisingyour fearsandparanoia
"Once this technological marvel has been attached it can actually detect, if you have had one to many from a breath sample, and completely BLOCK you from making that embarrasing call in the wee early morning hours. Just organise the numbers you wish to block, then if the 1.2.many unit detects a level of alcohol - set by YOU.. it will completely prevent you from dialing that number!"
"Thats just amazing! You mean it actually blocks ALL calls from that group of numbers?"
"Why yes. It also doubles nicely as breathalyser, in case you are unsure as to whether or not your ability to DRIVE.. has been impaired by your boozing."
" So there we have it, the 1.2.many... freedom from idiocy is only a phone call away!!"


jO-jO aka Trinity said...

Put Me Down For Your First Batch Order Of, The 1.2 Many.....I Can't Take Anymore Waking Up, With A Throbbing Skull, Added To, A Humility Late Call I've Made, Running Over And Over Through My Mind, On A Sunday Morning.. Ever Again!!...SAVE ME!!! Got 52p In My Pocket?...Sub Me!! lol ;0) Trinny *mwah* X

Gary Cuba said...

HA! Hi Trinny! U can have a free one.. sounds like you need it!

Watch this space!! 'The One' x

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