Monday, July 25, 2005

Hi this is Divina... I'm coming to get you!!

Hi Bloggers. Its time to comment on Big Brother once more (please return to your net surfing if human nature bores you).

I have not really watched an awful amount of this series.. they all seem to comprise the same basic ingredients and the house mates evolve slightly from one year to the next. One subject which always has been extremely contentious both inside and outside the house is the question of being true to ones self.. or to put it other words - being themselves...

We all appear to have a huge respect for house mates who can just be themselves.. I have a question though. Who are we to know what motivates these characters? How do we know what we are seeing is the real personality and what is a act to get attention? To get closer to an acceptable answer lets look at a few conclusions which can be drawn. Firstly - the contestants will be thrown into the lime light.. this is a home truth. The organisers will surely only allow contestants who will stand up to the abuse and interview within acceptable limits. This rules most of us out from the start. Secondly - each contestnt must be able to bring a certain 'something' to the show. This could be as basic as being able to cook well for a large group.. or as complicated as being able to articulate dissatisfaction through swearing - rather than stabbing people for using the loo too often... ( I'm pretty sure that never happened.. must have dreamt it.)

In a nut shell, none of this matters to us, as viewers. We want to see the real people. We are dissappointed when a favourite house mate turns out to be just a big bully, we can empathise with the contestants who are most like ourselves - then be completely confused when they hailed by the media and public to be f**kwits. Amusingly we want to see disjointed behaviour, arguments, bust ups, nastiness.. BUT only if the outcome is that we get to see the real person behind the angry red faces and broken crockery. The art is to stand up for your beliefs... have plenty of them and never ever force them on others. Allow others make their own judgements and have fun with that.

Cubastica- CA-CA-KAAAAaaaa!!

Friday, July 01, 2005


No I did not make that word up! If you do not know its meaning then shame on you! Back to play school and this time learn - dammit!!

The process of changing completely.. but in the context of this Blog.. I mean ourselves. The biggest badest example of this known to the science fiction community (and us Blog Blaggers!) is of course Doctor Who. Or to put it more concisely, when the good Doctor changes into his next physical form.. this is Transmogrification. You dig?

We must be allowed to change. Around us exist the notion that change is too unpredictable, change is unreliable... society is telling us that changing for the sake of changing is wrong. I want to talk about this change for no reason. I do not wish to put this subject of change in any kind of context - this bores me. If you choose to draw a kind of relation to it with me having to describe a situation where it may arise... then I have done quite well.

Change - brings about new challenges. If this change happens to be yourself, and your attitude, or your behaviour... then this is a new challenge within yourself. What can be simpler? The constant attacking and asking questions of your very own motives and ideas are the actions of a person wanting to grow and explore, looking at each new encounter in wonder and trying to learn from them. Maybe the 'complete' change is not adviseable to us - at this time, but flirting with the idea that we can alter mood, personality, outlook, and disposition surely will keep us and others around us from getting too bored.

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