Wednesday, August 31, 2005

You still here?

Hi Blog Blaggers... you still here? ;-D

It has been a very very busy few months, and my desire to update my site has been retarded by the shear amount of anecdotes available to me... BOOOoooooo!!

So here resides my bid for anecdotial freedom:-

The grass is always worth two in a bush when crying over spilt milk.
This simply means be thankful for what you have, hold onto what you love and if it all goes wrong - don't blame me you shit.

He who laughs last counts their chickens, is another mans gain.
Means, thinking that you are on top of a situation means generally you have misread a situation and there are plenty of people available to take advantage of that particular mistake. No, not cynical - just being helpful.

Ok ok.. not so much anecdotes than proverbs. Wise up wise ass and read between the lines.

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