Sunday, February 19, 2006

The mirror....

Sorry Bloggers... I have just come over all incredibly reflective and am not enjoying the reverb.

Here comes one of those nasty bottle necks of emotion and regret - a list of things which are currently vexing me:-
  • All the things that you wish you could have said to someone when it mattered to them.
  • Hatred of my poor judgement - then disgust at my innability to act in a timely fashion.
  • Fear... fear of this whole damn shooting match when things are not going according to plan!
  • There is a plan!!??!!
  • Seeing my weaknesses in others around me and not being able to act upon this - do myself a favour,
  • Anger, currently I am experiencing an awful amount to anger.
  • My distrust, unforgiveness, and lack of humanity.

... it is odd that when - in a time of my life where i feel that I have made some progress and I am finally making good on the bullshit that I have been self feeding on... I get an attack of the "I'm worthless", again. I need a good nights sleep - I think.

Cuba :-(

The Jukebox - insert 20p please

I have been skating like my life depended on it lately, and it occurred to me - maybe there is more to life (honestly). So lets check out the music I have been listening to try and work out whats going on...

The Cubic Mix 1
  1. Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode Remixed 1989. Ah, well, this track was introduced to me by a friend - pretty new wave and electronica... I think the outlook is good if I am spinning this one on my MP3 player.
  2. Honest Mistake - The Bravery. Great track, great album. Always gets me going - these boys rock and I will always find space on my meager hdd for a track of theirs.
  3. You only live once - The Strokes. Seedy guitar... great vocals - real good fun and pushes me deep into my skating head. No problems here.
  4. Juicebox - The Strokes. Of course this will be the next track on my MP3 player! Wakes me up and gets the juices going.
  5. Break stuff - Limp Bizkit. Heheheheheheheheeeeee... swearing and shit, bite me.
  6. Eat me alive - Limp Bizkit. A bit more melody to this track and welcome heavy body rocking thrash. Its good you hear?
  7. Another great escape - King Prawn. My goodness... this gets me ollie'ing a good few inches higher than usual, pushing and pumping harder... the world becomes a blurr and I am the only one skating in the park. BOOM!
  8. I feel the love - Flip and Fill. Proper cruising with energy now... uplifting dance/trance special.

Looking at the above music line.. nothings seems out of order - I check out ok. Time for another skate (when it drys out a little anyway).

Cuba x

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