Sunday, March 05, 2006

Skank Sessions - now in session...

Hey Bloggers.

Just finished a packed weekend full of skating, beering and pretty interesting chat (photos coming soon...). It all started on Friday, my very good chum (and stand up fellow) Dr T* and I managed to cram in a wonderfully presented, home made casserole before taking to the mean streets of Brissle in search of a drunken adventure... and ended up a bit worse for wear. Been planning to go to a skate jam on the Saturday for a while, so waking up still drunk, tired and hungover was not the best of starts.

First stop - Hengroove. Dr T, Sunny D* and I decided that our pre-jam jam would see us warming up in chav-city central - and so begins the Skank Session. More my idea, I'm afraid to say. I kinda got bored and skanked a few tricks from my buddies - much to their disgust. Merrily shouting "SKANKED!" everytime I hit up one of their favoured ones. I must admit... I was having much fun with this - until I managed to pre-empt the stomping of a trick particularily favoured by Dr T and arsed it up. Needless to say - I received no help in exiting the bowl with a bad case of ankle bite. Karma... as Sunny D would say, I just call it rotten luck ol' chap, and a wicked turn of events - what?

More about this weekend to come soon....

Dr T* A charming fellow. He has natural MC'ing skills which, in combination with his high moral standing and consideration for others, makes him a very unique personality.

Sunny D* Easy going, archetypal surf dude. Skates with commitment and parties like its 1999.


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