Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You can't keep a good blogger down!

Hey, so this is what happened over the weekend and week so far. Nothing too exciting yet...

Friday saw me and 7 other pokerettes play a massive game of Texas Holdem. The stakes were average for us (£10) and the blind raising was vicious. We had a winner at 12pm again, it was not me though - I fell at the final hurdle after calling an all-in then loosing the head to head on the river. Remember the card - a JACK! I really do hate jacks. They should leave jacks out of the deck... (good news is that I doubled my stake!) Yipeeeeeee boink... back down to Earth.

Saturday saw me shopping with my house mate for a car... my prolonged and repeated efforts to convince him to buy a Porsche or atleast a Mercedes were in vain - he had his heart set on a VW Polo. Bless. A gay blue one. Bless.

Later on I managed to cook up a HOT chilli and all the house went out for a few drinks, and a few more drinks and yes I blew my 22 units again... only by 5 units though! Still feeling good about my move to reduce my alcohol intake. Oh yeah, the city centre is now rife with stag and hen parties. So far the best group were superhero costumes. No Spiderman though - for shame....

Sunday was incredibly unproductive, I managed for the 3rd time this year to laze around in my bath robe all day and not change. Hmmmm soooo lazy....

Football on Tuesday was agony, on and off the pitch. We lost miserably and one of the opponents team was called Jack. I hate jacks.

So how is the week panning out? Welllll, I have an exciting Friday planned - POKER (a trend is forming) and socialising, then a flight back to my homeland to see my family and friends. BIG BIG weekend of catching up.

Before I sign this entry off though - I have been thinking of a poker nickname for myself. I am a little loose sometimes and also I like to play the odd mind game. so maybe I could be Jedi Cuba? Or Gary 'the Jedi' Cuba? It's a bit egotistical to give myself a nickname so ... I should tease it into the games. HMMmm you seek a flush, yes? E-he-he-heee... When chasing a flush you not reach, look as good as my pair of 5's you will not e-he-he-he-he.... I just hope that they don't start calling me Yoda-Cuba.



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