Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Myers.. you dawg!

Weeee! Time to go home soon. So far so good, work is fine and life in general quite upbeat. Feeling fit and my socialable functions are operating within likeable limits. Or so I have been told. Run the Myers Briggs Typology Test this afternoon... again and I am a ENFP with strong INFP attributes too... I am getting used to that forecast now. After taking that damned test so many times, unless I am lying to myself - I am indeed what the test concludes me to be.

http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes1.htm try it!

Yeah, yeah, I am not just simply what the test has concluded me to be... but I have a strong tendancy to be what Myers and Briggs had predicted all those years ago. Atleast the prediction regarding becoming an Engineer was right, not so sure about the Religious Leader somehow... but it is early days.

Cubism - the God that never sleeps
We the Cubites, believe that sleeping is for the wicked. Infact your body naturally wants to rest and sleep, and what else does it want to do instinctively? YES thats right! Evil, and wicked things! So join us in our vigil to purify our bodies so that we can eventually rise to heaven as a pure soul! Our final journey to meet our saviour will be an awakened one! Remember, sleep is for the wicked.

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