Thursday, September 07, 2006

Red Bull - Lifes cancer.

Hey there! It's been a week or so and lots has happened, hold onto your skirts:-

  1. Managed to make it back to 'Homeland' over last weekend. Twas super, played a bit of golf (hehehe I said played golf - of course I meant golf ball hunting), also I was able to see my family and lounge around a little.
  2. Started my new job - the usual forms to fill out, induction, introductions yadda yadda. So far I have been using the bus in the mornings (30mins)... may try to skate commute tomorrow (lightspeed - will be there before I left).
  3. Footie went well! We lost, but we were playing well between ourselves. We may very well win another game soon... I get knock down, I get knocked down, I get knocked down - but I get back up again, you are never going to keep me down... I....
  4. Thought about doing some decorating in my room (yes thought), and decided just to clean it up a bit. I may put up some posters and stuff.
  5. Got my eye on a nice camera at the moment... can I bring myself to buy it? Maybe I should just buy another digi compact camera? Grumble grumble grumble
  6. Decided to start creating my monster skate vid. It will include lots of pictures of my skate/bike buddies doing their thang...

Wow, there is an awful lot on my to do list again. A curse on laziness!!

Get lost you!


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