Monday, October 02, 2006

Turning a deaf ear

Tinnitus! Yes, the word we all love to hear (oppps - or not) after enduring several hours of painfully load music in a night club or bar. My ears were ringing on Sunday after a night out dancing and drinking. I also play my MP3 player when I run, walk and sit on buses... quite loudly. All this puts me in the 'at risk' group of youngsters who are apparently damaging their hearing beyond repair....

Therefore, after not liking what I am reading on the net... I bought some cheapo ear plugs to see if this helps with the ringing... and use my MP3 player less or with less volume. If you suffer from ringing ears after going out... I suggest you follow suit. Now all I have to do is invent a cool looking ear plug and I'm a millionaire!




Anonymous said...

hi gaz how ya doin
remember kl?
lovely pic catch up soon buuuuddddy
an a nuther thing
tried power kiting its wicked!! know the rest
take care mate

Gary Cuba said...


What's KL? No I don't remember... sorry.


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