Thursday, October 26, 2006

Winter retreat...

Hey ho people!

The last few weeks have been hecTIC! If I wasn't going first out on live poker games, I was almost being run over or winning internet tournies (WOOHOO!)... I beleive the cruel cruel god of luck (good and bad) has been keeping her eye on me for a number of years.

You see, if you 'chance it' every now and then, and you hang loose to see what happens - then you are rolling the dice of life. Yes, you can arrange the situation so that you are making a good bet - but sometimes this will go wrong. Lets take for example crossing a road. You are most likely to die from a RTA than pretty most any other accident (in this country - lol). If you don't drive then these odds reduce slighly. Well, sit on a moped and drive into traffic and your odds of becoming a splat on someones bonnet are increased somewhat. So we all take risks - yet for some they are measured (belt and braces) and for others... they are fool hardy (by the seat of their pants).

Me? I like to play on the danger side on some things, meaning that my bets are more risky but with a higher pay out. Therefore I in the long run (according to probability) will not quite cut even. BUT... to others I may appear a little lucky. The Luck She Devil... she knows my name and probably loves to mess with my head. Generally though I make conservative decsions based upon long term gains... which will even out my odds of completely screwing up! Now I sweat lots.

The Luck She Devil, yes she watches me and gives me the hits I need to keep on making those instinctive gambles, then one day.... BAM! She has me. Orrrr I live in hope that on the day she decides to concentrate on someone less fortunate... when I make a number of fantastic decisions which change my life for ever (for the good). Thats when I can sit back and grin... hands behind my head - watch the world go by with my friends and family and be content in OUR smug, safe, conservative existence.

My lotto numbers today are..... don't tempt me.


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