Thursday, November 30, 2006

Liable or libel

I appologise for the content of this post... I will be swearing; f%@#ing lots of swearing. I shall however - bleep out as much as I can be bothered to. I am in pain as I write this.

PRO5 you f%@#ing suck!

To be honest I have more often than not been on the recieving end of bad challenges in football, none more than in 5-a-side though. It's the format you see. This kind of fooball attracts the football wannabes, fat, useless idiot tw@#s who think they can play and inevitably - they can't. So they hack you up. Now - this is fine if you have a large field of opening soft greenery... yeah you may still hurt... but only your ego is a little bashed if the f%@#ing tw@# referee doesn't blow his whistle. I deal with it because this is the way of things.

BUT... jam 10 players in a cage, line it with metal and build the floor from what can only be likened to sand paper... then you have trouble just round the corner.

I am not saying all c@#t referees are bad at policing this rubbish football... infact the opposite. A number of them are absolutely brill at their job! However, all it takes is a few bad apples to make the weekly trip to the cage fight (which is called football) a costly experience.

As you may or may not be able to tell.. I am upset, have had enough, on tilt, steamed etc etc. Mainly because of:-
  1. After repeated efforts to ask (lol..ask) the c@#t referee to blow up for challenges which can only end in tears... 8 times out of 10... I would be warned rather than the fat tw@# who just went straight through me, run me into a wall etc. etc.
  2. I look like a little girl - moaning and complaining... I HATE this. Why should I look like the idiot when all I am doing is appealing for fair, nay, SAFE play!!
  3. If step up my game and play a loose dirty game like my opponents.. I am no better than them. Infact in the eyes of football law - I am worse. F%@# THAT!
  4. I have had a few trips to the doctors due to idiot f%@#wits putting in dangerous challenges on me and it has now ended in me sitting here with a cracked rib after being sandwitched by a fat c@#t goalie and his gay lover sliding into me on the edge of the penalty area. The referee begrudgingly gave us a free kick and didn't even warn either of the gay suckoff champions.
  5. I now have to rest up or not make my Badgers Snow Swagger in January due to my injury.

Is this fair? No, but who said anything about fair play or protection against this kind of abuse... I'm just relieved that all I have is a cracked rib.

What the hell am I supposed to do eh?


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The plot thickens

Whatcha. Had an absolute great time last night, played in a 62 person no-limit texas holdem tournament. Wow! The antes and blinds were vicious, and played a huge part in how you should decide to play - in my case rather poorly. I won the total of 3 hands... and entered into, yep you guessed it - 3.

This carried on for myself until just past midnight and I finished 19th... which is acceptable for 3 hands played I guess. A number of the Napalm Badgers, my housemate and poker fiends joined me - we totalled 7 of the field. My house mate G-man started on my table to add to the spice. I know how he plays and got out of the way everytime he entered into a pot situation. SHA-MONE!

G-man has also requested to write the script for Oh! IsoLA-LA! Apparently it will go something like this:-

Girl 1 lays by the log fire in the snow covered chalet in only a bath robe, then in comes girl 2. She slowly removes all her tight ski clothes and then girl 3 (who was showering) enters the room too... she is naked... I think you get the idea. Weldone G-man!! Infact his story involved the f word more than mine... but we all understand.

Football training tonight. New knees please!


Thursday, November 23, 2006

The red pill...

I love the question "Are we all (is life) just a part of a computer simulation created by our far distant descendants?"

I have read a few arguments for and against... and Nick Bostrum's conclusion has best helped me try to understand this; of the 3 following statements, one must logically be true.

  1. The human race as we know it becomes extinct well before we are technologically advanced enough to create a computer simulation which is so highly advanced that we (if we were a part of it) would never realise the difference between real life simulated life.
  2. In the future, we are advanced enough to be able to create simulated universes where minds may flourish and 'live'... but almost all of humanity agree never to do so.
  3. We are more likely than not to be part of a computer simulated world right now.

Ok, the final statement takes a little bit of courage to believe. There are some scientists who think that this kind of 'virtual reality' technology and computer construction will be available in as little as 50 years! It matters not though if this were to take 10 thousands years to accomplish. The length of time needed to develop the technology changes none of the above 3 statements.

Let us look at statement 1. This is highly probable, as we are all aware of the many complexities of the universe, and how little regard our current civilisation has for one another. Even though this statement can be regarded as a possiblity... I generally hope that we can avoid extintion and live for many hundreds of thousands of years.

As for statement 2. To have the technology to create this simulation, giving them the opportunity to watch history as it happens and the whole of civilisation to universally enter into a pact not to embark upon this voyage, would be a) extremely short sighted and surely would restrict the races evolution from then on, and b) for a pact of this nature to exist, the human race would have to agree to co-operate on a scale never seen before in the history of mankind. Another very very large pill to swallow.

The fact remains that one of these statements must be true, which one is up to you. If statement 3 were the truth - how would you feel about that? Would you go crazy? Deciding that since everything you have lived for and loved was now just a simulation, created by a spotty youth in a long white coat. Controlled by the seemingly faceless future descendants of the human race for the sake of an experitment or for their amusement? You see, if they could create such a universe... over and over and over again for any man or woman to experience. Then 'they' could be anyone you meet in this life. They could be your next door neighbour, happy to invite you over for the odd BBQ during the summer. They could be the Prime Minister... satisfied with the power they have in an world of ages ago. The likelyhood is that if you are not one of them... then you are like me and part of the system. A simulation. If you realised this fact - then maybe you would just go about your everyday life as usual, knowing that you cannot possibly have any impact on the system as we understand it. Imagine, the mathmeticians of years ago, Einstein and Newton. The patterns which they themselves had discovered... are only a small part of the mathematical equations devised by our descendants to create this world we live in. Through quantum physics, it has been proven that the smallest of the smallest of particles know to man are represented by just mathematical equations... it doesn't matter which one of these statements is true really, because each and everyone of them brings bad news to you and me.

  1. Extinction of human race through mass destruction or natural disaster.
  2. Extinction of human race through restricting evolution on a universal scale. Think Star Trek and holodecks. If the human race agreed to enter into this contract, then even the smallest personal useage of this technology could and would make statement 3 more of a possibility than statement 2.
  3. Non existence. You are a simulation - and believe it or not... this is the best result for us.

Finally as sure as eggs are eggs, if we ever find ourselves on the verge of running one of these mass universe simulations, this would be the most powerful argument that statement 3 is right... and forever should we be humbled in our universe.

One of the most powerful arguments to become an agnostic than any other concieved I think.

Kirk out.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Weekend over...

Great weekend! Firstly the gig in the Thekla was too cool for words - I had a great time. After spending some time in bed recovering on Saturday... I managed to make it a poker game and again had a little bit of fun - and luck! I called an all-in by my mate with 8's in the hole after a 3-Ace-6 was shown on the flop. My mate had an Ace... the river brought me the 8 ;-) I was very apologetic. Once finished with poker a few of us headed off to a house party, and left pretty quickly afterwards due to feeling a little out of place... students. Went home.

Chilled apart from that...

Back to work.


Friday, November 17, 2006


Woo....HOO! This weekend will see me and a few friends ripping up the dance floor at the Thekla - Monkey Knife Fight. A bit of electro-a-techno-a-dance stuff... pretty sweet and should be fun.

Apart from that... it's just chilling and shopping I guess. C'mon.

Todays words are:-

Swain (n) 1 suitor. 2 country youth. Not entirely sure how this will fit into conversation tonight or over the weekend... but I may go to a poker match at Bath. I could land that word during the game I think.

Debunk (v) 1 Informal expose the falseness of. Easy one this, everyone bullshits about something at sometime. Or is that just me?

Cuba Fever

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Creative Interlude IV

How do you feel? Life being driven from the backseat,
Emotionless and waiting to be pinched; incredible hunger,
Insatiable desire crossed with lethargic execution; no pity.

The horizon of realisation has been void and distant thus far,
Framed by dark, tall, dusk trees; the obvious path so narrow,
Guide my thoughts, bring peace to my mind, awaken my intelligence.

How does the tormented soul forgive what the eye cannot realise?
How does the tortured mind meditate which it has not understood?
Does the heart feel lost of love? A shield of bone and skin and muscle.

Cuba® 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

Why do we even care at all?

Self interest may very well be at the root of many the descisions we make - there is a pretty big argument that in order to feel respect for yourself and in turn for others... we have to be self interested and selfish. It sounds like I am saying that you should suddenly start looking after number one and bollocks to the rest... no - this is not what I am saying. Your confidence and strength of character relies upon YOU respecting YOU. If your self worth is weak and you find expressing your individuality and confidence a problem... these emotions will eventually manifest themselves as negative ones. Meaning - you will begin to covertly sway peoples opinon to gain what you need, you may begin to usurp others confidence to boost your own. Eventually you may very well find yourself using devious tricks to mentally and emotionally gainan advantage over others, as doing this openly is regarded as not the 'nice' thing to do. Wakeup please.

To put this simply, ask yourself what would make you happy? Long term and short term - pay particular attention to your answer here. If your actions conflict with these desires, then stop and reflect upon why you are doing the opposite of what you need to do to satisfy your desires and emotions. Emotion and desire are the building blocks of your personality... and no, I don't mean go and commit crimes etc to obtain what you desire as one of your desires should be to remain free and un-incarcerated by the law - isn't it? :-)

Lights out.

Skate weekend...

The last time I skated was around 3 months ago! I was really nervous that I wouldn't be able to ride a conrete bowl without braining myself on the coping or worse... but I had a go anyway.

It was brill!

I did manage to hang up once which catapulted me into the bowl without my ride - giving me a nasty hip bruise and also I bailed when a move went wrong and caught the board under my feet again accidently to end up smacking my body and ribs against the wall of a concrete flat bank... that one really hurt. But I'm still alive alivo! Coolio!

2 friends joined me in our 'return to skating' and the session turned out to be real hardcore rip up fest. Roll on more dry sunny Saturday afternoons...
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