Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The plot thickens

Whatcha. Had an absolute great time last night, played in a 62 person no-limit texas holdem tournament. Wow! The antes and blinds were vicious, and played a huge part in how you should decide to play - in my case rather poorly. I won the total of 3 hands... and entered into, yep you guessed it - 3.

This carried on for myself until just past midnight and I finished 19th... which is acceptable for 3 hands played I guess. A number of the Napalm Badgers, my housemate and poker fiends joined me - we totalled 7 of the field. My house mate G-man started on my table to add to the spice. I know how he plays and got out of the way everytime he entered into a pot situation. SHA-MONE!

G-man has also requested to write the script for Oh! IsoLA-LA! Apparently it will go something like this:-

Girl 1 lays by the log fire in the snow covered chalet in only a bath robe, then in comes girl 2. She slowly removes all her tight ski clothes and then girl 3 (who was showering) enters the room too... she is naked... I think you get the idea. Weldone G-man!! Infact his story involved the f word more than mine... but we all understand.

Football training tonight. New knees please!


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