Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flip it!

Decided that I need a new skateboard setup... so out I went - few quid in hand and desended upon one of the 3 local skate shops...

First up was a new deck. I ride a really narrow light deck at the moment - particualirly dangerous to those who don't know her... so after much brow furrowing and striking contemplative poses in the shop window, I head right in there and parted with £40 for a brand spanking new plank. Clichy - Footprint, 7.75inches wide, standard new age popsicle shape with nice gold and black graphix. Sweet!

I also needed new soft wheels to save my joints on the pavements so decided upon some classic green super dooper soft Krytos! The lady said they were 56mm in radius... I just waved the notes (£20) and hurridly made my way to my awaiting stead to get em home and have a play.

I mounted up an old pair of trucks, found out the wheels where just too big (ARGH!!) and placed the new setup in the corner in wait for a nice dry day. Next day I popped into shop number 2 for some more wheels :-( Lol. Deciding to attach the Kryptos to my extra wide board for nice easy laid back fun sessions. The new wheels where some ultra soft bones (definitely 56mm this time - £20) and some hard arse slidy shit (53mm £10), pretty light weight.

The evening arrived and I quickly got involved with a concrete bowl, on my new super fast, super stylish setup... and it didn't go round corners. YES THATS RIGHT! IT DIDN'T TURN!! So I spent 2 hours rolling backwards and forwards, kick turning and olling as high as I could. BUM!!

Next day, down in the third skate shop and after being tipped of that my trucks were a usless pile of metal crapola... I bought a slighly narrower version of my trustee Independant trucks (£40 Grrrooooannnn). New setup complete.... if this didn't work - then I was going to sell the lot and buy some 80's roller skates and day glo lycra.

Few days later the weather gods granted me a dry spell.... and WOW! I could turn again, at SPEED! I have the best sesh ever and can't wait to get out again.

Final set up....

Clichy Footprint 7.75 inch x 31.25 inch Deck, 1/8th inch risers, gun metal grey low rise 129 Indys, 54mm soft core Bones. Sex on 4 wheels.

Cuba done.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Back to work after a week in Portugal, surfing and having fun. I travelled out with 5 other guys to Lagos for a holiday which promised, sun, sea, surf, cheap beers, and laughs... and it didn't disappoint.

First night saw us arrive in Lagos around 10pm, just in time for a quick pizza and a few drinking games. Very quickly the tone of the holiday was set and we all went to bed relatively late... fairly well drunk.

Start surfing. After a quick 10 minute pointer in how not to become fish food, we were all sent into the white water to try our best to ride the odd ripple coming our way. The sun was hot and the sea beautifully warm and cosey. a few of us caught our first waves and had a bit of fun flipping a frisbie around too... to bed early for me that night - but a couple of the hard core partied on to the wee small hours.

The next few days of surf were a mixture of relaxed monging out, being hungover, ultimate frisbie, feet and necks getting sunburned and edging further and further out towards being 'outback', and beyond the white water.

Thursday.. and outback a couple of us went. AWESOME! I managed to catch 3 waves in quick succession, the final one was my ticket home back to the shore... it was amazing. The afternoon was absolutely bare for me. This was dress up evening and we got amazingly drunk and irritated the locals. The final activity included free running a waterfountain and causing mayhem in the town square. One of our party members (dressed as a Spartan) almost crippled himself on the cobbled streets. Gnarrrr!!!

Friday was easy sesh. Small waves and I only managed to catch one home... to be caught in a rip which almost dragged me back out behind the white water with cramp in my leg. My final surf ended up in me properly wiping out, loosing a contact lens, being hit on the head with my surf board and getting cramp... I limped back to shore crying. Big BIG night on the last night. Dance-offs, shots, girlies, burgers, the lot!!

Final day was waking up late and chilling, wandering around Lagos, looking for photo opportunties. I managed to drop in on a kiddies slide and we found a local skate park complete with local rippers. A sweet mini ramp controlled one corner of the park... I had great fun.

All in all... a great time was had by us all... can't wait to surf again.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Hey Bloggers. How good is the weather eh? Can't believe I'm shut away in an office...


Righto, in chronological order... I was very ill for atleast 4 weeks back in March/April, feeling better now. Well physically anyway. Started new contract in April too, and having a great time. New house mate arrived last weekend.. very clean and smiley!! Also someone crashed into my baby scooter narrowly missing my leg and putting it into the garage for the next 4 weeks.

Hmmmmm... oh yeah, off to Portugal this Sunday to rip up the Med on a surf board.

You heard it all here FIRST!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Double bedroom to rent in Clifton house

Yes yes yes... it's all happening again. We have a room to rent. So far this time we have only shown gals around the place - my house mates 'requires' that we have a lady in da house so we can keep it nice and tidy. Bah! He is probably right... a gal may help us keep the kitchen a wee bit tidier... we don't live like slobs though!! No no no... its a nice lad friendly pad. With a dish washer.

So here we go AGAIN. God give me strength.... patience.... a happy smile.... and shed loads of charm. Blow this! I'm off over to my mates place in Nice and partying. Let my house mate deal with it!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's good that I got your interest... atlast

Hey all, time to blog myself up to date.. loads has happened.

Almost completed the Isola2000 vid, it's looking pretty bad due to the naff grainy footage which was shot... stupid video camera.

Nsw finished with an ear infection which has kept me from doing hardly ANYTHING.. threatening to deafen me in one ear and make me fall over in a supermarket. Stupid tiled floors.

One of the 5-a-side teams which I play for got promoted! Great news I think you will agree... I'm chuffed anyways. Great balls of fire!

Nothing to give you regarding the dating front though. I have met some nice ladies and so far.. just friendly and relaxed. Errrr yep, thats it!

Last night though, stupidly I had 2 strong cups of coffee... which kept me up ALL DAMN NIGHT! I had some wicked nightmares. Infact in one, my door beel went off at 4am and I got up to answer it.... thats 2 flights of stairs (one a winding stair case), 2 rooms to cross and a long hall. I remember answering the door and looking to see nothing. All the way... back down to my room I felt that someone was watching me! Scary. Got back into bed.

Woke up this morning to find that actually did answer the door to a ring (in my head). Hmmmmm.... I wonder where my next adventure will take me.....


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just do the right thing

I am struggling to do the right thing. RecentlyI have been handed the opportunity to spread the wealth(as it were) back to those who continuously deal to others - their social waste. This social waste, the by products from bad relationships.. past and current, whatever they maybe. I try and turn the other cheek and let bygones be bygones... I find myself becoming enraged though. Enraged that my tolerance seems to eat into my very soul, threatening to turn me into a mad gibbering wreck. It happens to my friends, they deal with it, it happens to my family, they deal with it.QUESTION. Do we all really ever learn how to DEAL with disappointment, sadness, regret - all those little dark feelings which slowly try to untangle your calm mind and make you bitter?
I say this - after meeting some nice people recently, not one appeared to have learned to deal with the nasty uncomfortable emotions which threaten to make us conservative in love or jealous or even frightened. Not one has truly learned about forgiveness and compassion. I saw nothing when I looked into their eyes, but a huge gap where someone had just left and slowly everything else around them was being sucked in...including their humanity. Nothing escapes. Maybe being humane is being bitter and letting everyone know how deeply you hurt inside? Humanity eats itself. Lol.

No wonder I find the taste so unpalatable.


Friday, February 23, 2007

The BIG 4

A few days a go, thanks to a conversation, I managed to bring up my very plain and straight forward way of determining whether or not that I am a happy guy at the moment.

This depended on how highly I scored in my BIG 4. If I only scored 1 out of 4 I was in trouble. A higher score of 2 out of 4 is always a sign that I am on the right tracks and could possibly be having fun.

Now.. 3 out of 4 has been my highest so far, and this is a pretty good place to be in life. Since I have never hit the full house and managed to break into 4 out of 4... I can't tell you an awful amount about it. I have been a zero before.. and that sucked big time. A very dark time.

So what are the 4?

  1. Home life : This is where you live, who you live with. Is is happy? Tidy? Fun?
  2. Work Life : Are you content with your job?
  3. Social Life : This is groups of people you hang with, drink with, play sports with or just generally chat to and relax with.
  4. Love Life : This is all to do with special friends who make the earth move for you. Girl friends, or just girl friends.... if you know what I mean.

It wasn't until I had a chat with a friend regarding this that a 5th possible group came up.. this is Health Life! I had completely overlooked it and it certainly deserves recognition. I will from now on make this another part of my life and therefore the BIG 4.. evolves into the BIG 5!

So where am I presently? Home life and Work life together make 1 point. My social life has been really cool ever since I landed in this fair city and my health is good! I make that a 3 out of 5 and this means I am pretty happy... Love life has been pretty low for about 18 months now... I am trying to make extra special efforts to reign that one in.. and my home and work life are both going through some changes imminently. Life is on the up. All hail the BIG 5.


Monday, February 19, 2007

Edit this!

HAHA! Finished editing my first snowboarding DVD yesterday! I am so happy. It's only 10minutes long, a bit shitty, but I had great pain and pleasure during trying to complete and then put it down. Thats the hard bit... putting it down.

So the the Badgers Snow Swagger is complete. Time for the grand unveiling... who wants to be a ginea pig then?


Techno Junkman

Word. The new week has officially landed and I am already checking ads for places to be this coming weekend... the early bird catches the worm I guess.

I had a blast this weekend. It did however remind me one one very very good reason why I decided to join an internet dating site. To meet gals with the same interests and a SIMILAR AGE!

I went to Thekla and they were hosting a Hard house, techno, dance night - PLAY. It was wicked - again. I love the atmosphere and ladies are very much into dancing to the same tunes as me - sweet! I did meet a lovely gal and spent sometime chatting and being led around the club hand in hand, searching for her drunken mate. Who she found eventually. I don't know why I asked this, but I did manage to inquire to her age. 21 years old she told me. WHY ME? I felt pretty bad and vowed to myself never to call her after the night had finished. Incredible as it may seem, but I am only interested in someone at a similar point in their life as me, not matter how nice they seem. ARGGHH!

Life has been teasing me... I shall resist though. For the good of everyone involved... I will resist.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Venue - the magazine

I read our local copy of Venue quite alot, always searching it for a possible gem of a night out - or to swear and get upset at one being sold out months ago. Just recently though I have being reading the section titled "I saw you" and "I'm sore at you".

Amazing! Some of them are really cool. Guys and gals who thank strangers for good deeds or trying to get into contact with someone who they forgot to exchange details with when they met on a night out. Rather sweet.

I saw you!

Check it out - it will make you feel all goey inside...


PS. I have noted that absolutley no one has SEEN ME. Are you all blind? You can't miss me. Try harder.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A tentative stab at the online dating lark...

Good evening. I had thought about using the internet route to finding a nice girl of non mental tendancies - you know a thoughtful, articulate and happy one. Then I found out that I was at best only 'happy' myself... so beggers can't be choosers (only JOKING!). I have used the internet lots in the past to share my feelings, keep in contact with old friends (just last night I was able to catch up with an old house mate and find out how cool his life is at the mo)... I also have used it to make some really good new friends too. Alas though... most of the time, those friendships remained in cyberspace :-c

So! Alore! I decided about 2 years ago to advertise my wares in earnest on the internet in an attempt to snag myself a gorgeous lady who was feeling the same way I did or had similar interests... in effect - doubling my chances of meeting a cool gal (pretty slick eh?). The end result? Well I think that I am ready to spill the beans on what a wierd world this internet dating lark is. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't until 6 months ago that I joined an actual internet dating site. Until then I had only posted up a profile and chatted away to whoever crossed my path. Nether-the-less... I think I can talk with a certain amount of authority on the subject now.

In the beginning. The initial excitement was hard to deny. Lots of different types of ladies from all walks of life wanting to hear about you - I felt quite chuffed really. This feeling didn't last long though. Un opened responses to emails, messages going unreplied for weeks! It was like being dumped every day of every week for months. That takes it toll on your self confidence, but once you finally realise that this is only just cyberspace and everybody seems to ...well... always be looking out for the bigger better deal or lying to be quite honest - then you can begin your search with a renewed vigor. Ladies are more likely to be 'courting' more cyberpeople at once, as in real life too. No arguments there. Some are quite open and up front about it - bless you ALL! Some are like.... well... guys about it - we should all go to HELL! Remember, and this is a very important fact about internet dating and web community pages... if you are especially senistive to being; ignored, picked on, stalked, bored to death, ignored and dumped... then just don't do it. It is like real life x10, you get to chat to many many more people that you couldn't possibly accomplish down the pub or on a night out. Therefore you increase your chances of finding bad apples as well as really nice sweet people.. and I mean that. There are some great ladies out there - and I have had the fortune to meet and chat to my fair share of them. I have also spent months talking (more like councilling) to others who are having troubles in their lives. I know they appreciated it - I certainly did!

I managed to cultivate cyber relations with many interesting people.. but what happened when we met? This is where it either makes a relationship - or breaks it. Once I joined an internet dating site (6 months ago) I found myself chatting to gals who would regularily complain about unwanted attention (cyber stalkers) or just way too much of it! It is true... there are more guys on the net searching for potential new friends... but I still maintain there are more girls who are serious about finding that special someone than the guys realise. Just my opinon.

When you are contacted by, or contact a potential new friend - be assured that no matter how much they play it down - THERE ARE MORE GUYS or GALS SPEAKING TO THEM OR ARRANGING DATES WITH THEM IN CYBERSPACE. This is a golden rule - this is why we do this! We have a site which has over a million members (thousands in your area) all of who want to learn more about you! Whatever you do, don't be put off if a girl/guy tells you that they are currently in comunication with lots of other potential dates... this is just the way it is. You have to be as picky and play the game. Alore! I didn't want to use that word GAME... but unfortunately if it is not a game... then it is a delicate set of rules which none of us speak or completely understand - but we just get on with it. He or she dares - wins.

So you have a short list of potential partners or friends. Important! Have fun. Don't treat it too much like a date, unless you both have agreed that it is! Meeting for coffee is simply meeting for coffee. This a way to speak openingly in the flesh to a new friend and really try to learn about them. If the sparks fly and you still want to see this now 'real' person... then arrange a date of course.

These dating sites are here to provide everyone with the largest opportunity to meet and chat with the largest amount of people possible (whilst making money for them). They don't care how you spend your precious moments with the opposite sex (or same sex!). They don't care if you hurt other members feelings by standing them up or cutting off contact completely for no reason. This forum makes this form of rudeness and pickiness possible, very easy infact. A large number of the members who walk the cyber corridors of internet dating agencies are very serious predators and accomplished veterans at the game too. They know what they want - and will not care too much for the feelings of a person who has just left a 5 year relationship and is tentatively trying to get back into dating. Do not take this personally... keep your wits about you and be honest and open as much of the time as possible. This will see you right in the long run, trust me.

I am not a big fan of these sites, infact I would always rather meet someone (and continue to do so) when I am least expecting it.. thats my romantic side I guess. Never will I sign these sites off as a waste of time though! They have a place, a purpose. Especially with those who have no time to meet others through less forced circumstances. These sites hone your dating skills and communication skills. These dates can increase your confidence to make right decisions, and take knock backs on the chin without it hurting too much.... well sometimes lol.

Hey, if anyone asked me if they should go for it - I would say yes. It's too much of a learning experience to let it pass you by.

A quick word to all those out there who are highly sceptical regarding these sites... think on this. You are right to be a little bit sceptical about the types of character who invade the cyberspace, this can apply to real life and being chatted up in a bar too. You are correct to believe that it is easy to lie or bend the truth on your personal profiles, again this applies completely to real life too lol. If you are worried about what your friends may think... then don't. If your motives are honourable and you expect nothing more than a little bit of fun meeting new guys or gals, then do it and stop being so judgemental. An incredible amount of young folk use these sites to exchange ideas and keep in touch - to expand their knowledge of their own habitat and it's occupants, breaking free from their normal circle of friends. How cool is that?

Live long and prosper cattle people.

Cuba-ruba x

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If you can't do... teach.

After trawling the web for snowboarding holidays (there was a mention of doing Canada next year!!)... I come across snowboard instructor courses. Very interesting! 10 weeks, honing your skills, learning mountain craft/first aid, teaching beginners how to surf snow and taking away a qualification to boot! So I applied, and await my package in the post. The concensus is that you won't get rich teaching snowboarding (even though there is a world wide shortage of them), but you can enjoy the lifestyle, help beginners have fun and progress your riding style all at the same time. You will get paid and fed, and is a GREAT way to learn a foreign language too!

Hmmmm.... now all I need to do is get someone else interested.....


Back to reality - Opps there goes gravity

Hi Bloggers. Back to work and Bristol after 15 days boarding in total... and I have withdrawal symptoms already. I'm not sure whether it is the life style I miss or the awesomely cool things you can get up whilst ripping up a slope (of ice... sometimes snow). SoI began planning my next snow adventure staight away, a nice long weekend to keep me happy will do. Anyone up for that?

Alore! A number of my so called friends felt that my blog was kind of depressive. I think "everytime I read that page I feel like slitting my wrists" was one comment. With the greatest respect - I f&*%ing disagree.... because it cheers me up to blow away some of that 'depressive', creative juices. I will however try and cheer it up a little - just for you.



Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January...the sun is shinning

Hey you, it's a beautiful morning. For a change I managed to spring out of bed early only to come crashing back down onto my floor clutching my glutieus maximus. Bloody 5-a-side football. If it weren't for the fact that we ironman'd a well deserved draw last night I would have stayed there crying in pain for 20 minutes or so. I need to get that seen to ready for Saturday. NO! I meant massaged. NO! I meant heated and loosened up.... F.F.S. Can I say anything innocent about my arse hurting and needing it getting seen to? At all?!

Last night after footie, I managed to set up my head cam in readiness for our holiday... Oh yes.. she is fine!

I took it for a little test run this morning. Decided to scooter into work with my head cam running, and shoot me some footage. Currently it is waiting for underneath my desk!! Can't wait!

This week is looking sweet.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Snowing in Isola2000

Take a long hard look at this snow cats. You couldn't have a better look out if you tried... well ok, maybe 50cm of snow rather than 8cm... but it still looks fine to me.

If you spot anything bad in the forecast - keep it to yourself. I withhold the right to be blissfully ignorant and optimistic.... NO! Don't even think it.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Chilled Heat

Hey Blog-tarts. I managed to make it back to the UK unscathed from my holiday in Val d'Isere with the footie/skater/boarder gang. The boarding was not hugely ideal... but we managed to have an absolute blast on and off piste... and aprés skiing too ;-D

We stayed in a self catering apartment just above the tourism office on the main square - which was wicked for getting drunk and dragging yourself back to your stinky bed at night. Places of note; Dicks Tea Bar... or Dick Tease Bar as I dubbed it. Funky tunes and plenty of dance space, watch out for the pricey drinks though. You are better off buying some take aways else where and joining the Dick Tease fray at 1:30 in the morning... but where do you go before hand? Le Face Bar... THE CHEAPEST APRES...EVER. At 2 euros a pint (well almost), we were downing 3 or 4 of those beauties before we got ready for dinner. Next stop would be The Saloon... real big on cheese nights (quite repetitive), but if you land the right night, like we did - then Long Island Iced Teas with banging DJ's ripping up your evening. Love it.

The resort is linked very well with its neighbours, one of note is Tignes. Both Val and Tignes offer so much to boarders and skiers of every compentancy... it's hard to believe that you would want for anything else... but invetibly you do.

Roll on next Friday and hop skipping to the Cote d'Azur and Isola2000... word is that the conditions will be sweet. Fingers crossed - again. Croccodile Bar.... HERE WE COME!!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Les Alpes Maritimes

EDIT 11!
I have paid for an 8 person chalet in Isola2000 - France Chalet Oh! IsoLA! LA!. This has cost 1,220 euros for the week, from Saturday 3rd February to Saturday 10th February 2007.
There are now only 2 spots available the whole week duration. Thats Friday 3rd to Sunday 11th....
I have posted some files up on the web for you all to digest. We have a plan of the chalet, directions to the Chalet in text format and in picture format. Finally a plan of Isola2000 for you to view.
Ok snow bunnies, here is the latest!
The apartment has been paid for, you all have paid your flights and insurances (hopefully), the deposit and tourist tax is now being paid (cheers G-Man). The final costs and dates/times are as follows....

Cubes - 1 week (arrive Friday 2nd Feb in Nice at 14:30, depart Sunday 11th Feb 11:20) 7 nights in Isola2000 - 170 euros, 2 nights in Nice - 65 euros, tourist tax and charges - 10 euros.
Taz, Baldy, Bitter Phil, Madam and Jimmy - Half week (arrive Wednesday 7th Feb in Nice at 10:10, depart Saturday 10th Feb 21:30?) 3 nights in Isola - 108 euros, tourist tax and charges - 7.50 euros. 115.50euros each.
Andy - 1 week (Sames as Cubes) - 245 euros + £15 to transport snowboard.
G-Man and Marion - 1 week (arrive Friday 2nd Feb in Nice, depart Saturday 10th/Sunday 11th) 7 nights in Isola2000 - 340 euros, 1 night in Nice (G&M) - 70 euros, 1 night in Nice (G) - 30 euros, tourist tax and charges - 19 euros. 459 euros in total.
Also, bring bed linen!. Once G, Andy and I are in Isola we will check out the prices and times for 3 of you (Jimmy, Madam and Bitter) to take an afternoons lessons (will that be just one afternoon?). We shall endeavour to arrange for your lift passes too - so that there is no time spent mincing around. On the final Saturday, Marion will be taking the early bus back to Nice to catch her plane, the rest of us will surf out the day and take the later 16:30 bus. This means we have to finish the slopes at a reasonable time - sorry. Once in Nice, the bus will drop the half-week boys at the Airport, and then drop the gnarly-week boys off in city centre.

7 day weather forecast is; Today and tomorrow the temperature is -13 and there will be some snow (3cm). Currently there is 125cm at the top and 35cm at the bottom of the slope. The temperature is likey to rise back up to zero by this time next week with no other snow forecast during the week.... but the forecast is changing all the time and the snow seems to be continuing to fall, watch this space. Also around 90% of the pistes are open, with limited off piste boarding available. Conditions is packed powder... and it all looks good for the beginners in our group. Hopefully if the snow can just pick up a little and we get 20cm of fresh snow over this next week... then the conditions will be excellent :-D

Friday, January 12, 2007

Interlude blues V

Garden of Confusion

This small poem I wrote 18 odd months ago (above)... and it still seems to mean a lot to the way my mind rolls. I know exactly how I was feeling at the time, I was optimistic and happy yet not content. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle 2 thirds complete and plenty of pieces left... and you are on a roll. Enjoying the moment, but fearing the day that you eventually find 2 or three pieces missing and you just don't care anymore. Resignation to failure... and loss of understanding.

No Title

This piece had no title... infact I seemed to have been regressing rather than moving forward. This is not a poem, this is me begging for answers. Infact that can be the title - The Big Issue.

I'm not a fan of happy endings, infact I love lifes little tragedies... as long as we learn from them, I will stay firmly addicted to being lost and unfulfilled. I did however buy myself the cutest little hat today!! Bring on the weekend. I tell yah, if you thought me writing this crap made me look like a tit... you aint seen nothing yet!

Creative Interlude V

Cold harsh lines of a new world gone crazy; buzz.
Faint blue glow of remote feeling arriving hazy; beep.
Prolonged anticipation of the next touch; bleep
Now just an irritation; beepbeep - beepbeep.

You have a new message.

Cubes 2007


Damn its cold. Again. So where were we? Oh yeah, the queue for kicking me doesn't seem to have dispersed, infact a few people who I don't even know have joined it to see what the fuss is about!! I think that they think that they are missing out on something good.

I just realised that I need a boost thats all. I have snowboarding to look forward to next week.. but for reasons I won't go into - it is filling me with a wee bit of dread. Unfounded doubts I hope.

I can't get excited about the weekend, because a) I volunteered to play for a Sautrday league football team... and I may turn out to be crap (actually I play out of my skin in every debut :-p). b) I can't get excited at the prospect that I may go out and have a real good time... because everyone else is still in a financial hangover from xmas... stupid present buying... c) gfoinsf'ionrqi'fnc'onifq'!!dsdq'cnq?!!!?!

The last reason was just frustration coming out. Don't be scared.

The only one thing which is making me feel better, the one thing which infact makes me smile inside is the one thing which I wished not to happen quite yet. LOL... thats life tho. If I can continue to see the brighter side of my bad desicion making... then I am not denying a good lesson learnt. I am merely relying upon my pactience to see me good in the end. I shall call this paradox which feeds upon my torture... the Cubacide. Actually that is making me feel better already. No more sacrifices to Cubacide this weekend though. Stop kicking me and go home.

I have just woken up.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Join the queue

It's Thursday, and for the first time in ages - I can't really get that enthusiastic about it. I can't even muster the wit to give myself a good old fashioned ribbing for saying just that... is it that bad? No not really, but I guess - I would like something to go well for me pretty soonish.

The last time I really felt like this was about about 5 years ago... I remember it vividly ( I told you it was ages ago). I don't want to go into what happened THAT weekend because it set about an awful lot of changes. Change is good, but in controlled dosages - it is better. A repeated proverbial beating to my nuts is usually followed by the soothing action of my life taking a quick pitstop. Then I'm off again. SO... if you have big boots, pointy boots, lead boots or just bare feet (because you are hard)... then quickly get in the queue. It's a once in a 5 year offer people - kick me hard and see me suffer. I promise to show it on my face this time.

On a lighter note..........nope....... nothing. Keep booting me.

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