Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January...the sun is shinning

Hey you, it's a beautiful morning. For a change I managed to spring out of bed early only to come crashing back down onto my floor clutching my glutieus maximus. Bloody 5-a-side football. If it weren't for the fact that we ironman'd a well deserved draw last night I would have stayed there crying in pain for 20 minutes or so. I need to get that seen to ready for Saturday. NO! I meant massaged. NO! I meant heated and loosened up.... F.F.S. Can I say anything innocent about my arse hurting and needing it getting seen to? At all?!

Last night after footie, I managed to set up my head cam in readiness for our holiday... Oh yes.. she is fine!

I took it for a little test run this morning. Decided to scooter into work with my head cam running, and shoot me some footage. Currently it is waiting for underneath my desk!! Can't wait!

This week is looking sweet.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Snowing in Isola2000

Take a long hard look at this snow cats. You couldn't have a better look out if you tried... well ok, maybe 50cm of snow rather than 8cm... but it still looks fine to me.

If you spot anything bad in the forecast - keep it to yourself. I withhold the right to be blissfully ignorant and optimistic.... NO! Don't even think it.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Chilled Heat

Hey Blog-tarts. I managed to make it back to the UK unscathed from my holiday in Val d'Isere with the footie/skater/boarder gang. The boarding was not hugely ideal... but we managed to have an absolute blast on and off piste... and aprés skiing too ;-D

We stayed in a self catering apartment just above the tourism office on the main square - which was wicked for getting drunk and dragging yourself back to your stinky bed at night. Places of note; Dicks Tea Bar... or Dick Tease Bar as I dubbed it. Funky tunes and plenty of dance space, watch out for the pricey drinks though. You are better off buying some take aways else where and joining the Dick Tease fray at 1:30 in the morning... but where do you go before hand? Le Face Bar... THE CHEAPEST APRES...EVER. At 2 euros a pint (well almost), we were downing 3 or 4 of those beauties before we got ready for dinner. Next stop would be The Saloon... real big on cheese nights (quite repetitive), but if you land the right night, like we did - then Long Island Iced Teas with banging DJ's ripping up your evening. Love it.

The resort is linked very well with its neighbours, one of note is Tignes. Both Val and Tignes offer so much to boarders and skiers of every compentancy... it's hard to believe that you would want for anything else... but invetibly you do.

Roll on next Friday and hop skipping to the Cote d'Azur and Isola2000... word is that the conditions will be sweet. Fingers crossed - again. Croccodile Bar.... HERE WE COME!!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Les Alpes Maritimes

EDIT 11!
I have paid for an 8 person chalet in Isola2000 - France Chalet Oh! IsoLA! LA!. This has cost 1,220 euros for the week, from Saturday 3rd February to Saturday 10th February 2007.
There are now only 2 spots available the whole week duration. Thats Friday 3rd to Sunday 11th....
I have posted some files up on the web for you all to digest. We have a plan of the chalet, directions to the Chalet in text format and in picture format. Finally a plan of Isola2000 for you to view.
Ok snow bunnies, here is the latest!
The apartment has been paid for, you all have paid your flights and insurances (hopefully), the deposit and tourist tax is now being paid (cheers G-Man). The final costs and dates/times are as follows....

Cubes - 1 week (arrive Friday 2nd Feb in Nice at 14:30, depart Sunday 11th Feb 11:20) 7 nights in Isola2000 - 170 euros, 2 nights in Nice - 65 euros, tourist tax and charges - 10 euros.
Taz, Baldy, Bitter Phil, Madam and Jimmy - Half week (arrive Wednesday 7th Feb in Nice at 10:10, depart Saturday 10th Feb 21:30?) 3 nights in Isola - 108 euros, tourist tax and charges - 7.50 euros. 115.50euros each.
Andy - 1 week (Sames as Cubes) - 245 euros + £15 to transport snowboard.
G-Man and Marion - 1 week (arrive Friday 2nd Feb in Nice, depart Saturday 10th/Sunday 11th) 7 nights in Isola2000 - 340 euros, 1 night in Nice (G&M) - 70 euros, 1 night in Nice (G) - 30 euros, tourist tax and charges - 19 euros. 459 euros in total.
Also, bring bed linen!. Once G, Andy and I are in Isola we will check out the prices and times for 3 of you (Jimmy, Madam and Bitter) to take an afternoons lessons (will that be just one afternoon?). We shall endeavour to arrange for your lift passes too - so that there is no time spent mincing around. On the final Saturday, Marion will be taking the early bus back to Nice to catch her plane, the rest of us will surf out the day and take the later 16:30 bus. This means we have to finish the slopes at a reasonable time - sorry. Once in Nice, the bus will drop the half-week boys at the Airport, and then drop the gnarly-week boys off in city centre.

7 day weather forecast is; Today and tomorrow the temperature is -13 and there will be some snow (3cm). Currently there is 125cm at the top and 35cm at the bottom of the slope. The temperature is likey to rise back up to zero by this time next week with no other snow forecast during the week.... but the forecast is changing all the time and the snow seems to be continuing to fall, watch this space. Also around 90% of the pistes are open, with limited off piste boarding available. Conditions is packed powder... and it all looks good for the beginners in our group. Hopefully if the snow can just pick up a little and we get 20cm of fresh snow over this next week... then the conditions will be excellent :-D

Friday, January 12, 2007

Interlude blues V

Garden of Confusion

This small poem I wrote 18 odd months ago (above)... and it still seems to mean a lot to the way my mind rolls. I know exactly how I was feeling at the time, I was optimistic and happy yet not content. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle 2 thirds complete and plenty of pieces left... and you are on a roll. Enjoying the moment, but fearing the day that you eventually find 2 or three pieces missing and you just don't care anymore. Resignation to failure... and loss of understanding.

No Title

This piece had no title... infact I seemed to have been regressing rather than moving forward. This is not a poem, this is me begging for answers. Infact that can be the title - The Big Issue.

I'm not a fan of happy endings, infact I love lifes little tragedies... as long as we learn from them, I will stay firmly addicted to being lost and unfulfilled. I did however buy myself the cutest little hat today!! Bring on the weekend. I tell yah, if you thought me writing this crap made me look like a tit... you aint seen nothing yet!

Creative Interlude V

Cold harsh lines of a new world gone crazy; buzz.
Faint blue glow of remote feeling arriving hazy; beep.
Prolonged anticipation of the next touch; bleep
Now just an irritation; beepbeep - beepbeep.

You have a new message.

Cubes 2007


Damn its cold. Again. So where were we? Oh yeah, the queue for kicking me doesn't seem to have dispersed, infact a few people who I don't even know have joined it to see what the fuss is about!! I think that they think that they are missing out on something good.

I just realised that I need a boost thats all. I have snowboarding to look forward to next week.. but for reasons I won't go into - it is filling me with a wee bit of dread. Unfounded doubts I hope.

I can't get excited about the weekend, because a) I volunteered to play for a Sautrday league football team... and I may turn out to be crap (actually I play out of my skin in every debut :-p). b) I can't get excited at the prospect that I may go out and have a real good time... because everyone else is still in a financial hangover from xmas... stupid present buying... c) gfoinsf'ionrqi'fnc'onifq'!!dsdq'cnq?!!!?!

The last reason was just frustration coming out. Don't be scared.

The only one thing which is making me feel better, the one thing which infact makes me smile inside is the one thing which I wished not to happen quite yet. LOL... thats life tho. If I can continue to see the brighter side of my bad desicion making... then I am not denying a good lesson learnt. I am merely relying upon my pactience to see me good in the end. I shall call this paradox which feeds upon my torture... the Cubacide. Actually that is making me feel better already. No more sacrifices to Cubacide this weekend though. Stop kicking me and go home.

I have just woken up.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Join the queue

It's Thursday, and for the first time in ages - I can't really get that enthusiastic about it. I can't even muster the wit to give myself a good old fashioned ribbing for saying just that... is it that bad? No not really, but I guess - I would like something to go well for me pretty soonish.

The last time I really felt like this was about about 5 years ago... I remember it vividly ( I told you it was ages ago). I don't want to go into what happened THAT weekend because it set about an awful lot of changes. Change is good, but in controlled dosages - it is better. A repeated proverbial beating to my nuts is usually followed by the soothing action of my life taking a quick pitstop. Then I'm off again. SO... if you have big boots, pointy boots, lead boots or just bare feet (because you are hard)... then quickly get in the queue. It's a once in a 5 year offer people - kick me hard and see me suffer. I promise to show it on my face this time.

On a lighter note..........nope....... nothing. Keep booting me.

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