Friday, January 12, 2007


Damn its cold. Again. So where were we? Oh yeah, the queue for kicking me doesn't seem to have dispersed, infact a few people who I don't even know have joined it to see what the fuss is about!! I think that they think that they are missing out on something good.

I just realised that I need a boost thats all. I have snowboarding to look forward to next week.. but for reasons I won't go into - it is filling me with a wee bit of dread. Unfounded doubts I hope.

I can't get excited about the weekend, because a) I volunteered to play for a Sautrday league football team... and I may turn out to be crap (actually I play out of my skin in every debut :-p). b) I can't get excited at the prospect that I may go out and have a real good time... because everyone else is still in a financial hangover from xmas... stupid present buying... c) gfoinsf'ionrqi'fnc'onifq'!!dsdq'cnq?!!!?!

The last reason was just frustration coming out. Don't be scared.

The only one thing which is making me feel better, the one thing which infact makes me smile inside is the one thing which I wished not to happen quite yet. LOL... thats life tho. If I can continue to see the brighter side of my bad desicion making... then I am not denying a good lesson learnt. I am merely relying upon my pactience to see me good in the end. I shall call this paradox which feeds upon my torture... the Cubacide. Actually that is making me feel better already. No more sacrifices to Cubacide this weekend though. Stop kicking me and go home.

I have just woken up.


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