Friday, January 12, 2007

Interlude blues V

Garden of Confusion

This small poem I wrote 18 odd months ago (above)... and it still seems to mean a lot to the way my mind rolls. I know exactly how I was feeling at the time, I was optimistic and happy yet not content. Imagine a jigsaw puzzle 2 thirds complete and plenty of pieces left... and you are on a roll. Enjoying the moment, but fearing the day that you eventually find 2 or three pieces missing and you just don't care anymore. Resignation to failure... and loss of understanding.

No Title

This piece had no title... infact I seemed to have been regressing rather than moving forward. This is not a poem, this is me begging for answers. Infact that can be the title - The Big Issue.

I'm not a fan of happy endings, infact I love lifes little tragedies... as long as we learn from them, I will stay firmly addicted to being lost and unfulfilled. I did however buy myself the cutest little hat today!! Bring on the weekend. I tell yah, if you thought me writing this crap made me look like a tit... you aint seen nothing yet!

Creative Interlude V

Cold harsh lines of a new world gone crazy; buzz.
Faint blue glow of remote feeling arriving hazy; beep.
Prolonged anticipation of the next touch; bleep
Now just an irritation; beepbeep - beepbeep.

You have a new message.

Cubes 2007

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