Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Just do the right thing

I am struggling to do the right thing. RecentlyI have been handed the opportunity to spread the wealth(as it were) back to those who continuously deal to others - their social waste. This social waste, the by products from bad relationships.. past and current, whatever they maybe. I try and turn the other cheek and let bygones be bygones... I find myself becoming enraged though. Enraged that my tolerance seems to eat into my very soul, threatening to turn me into a mad gibbering wreck. It happens to my friends, they deal with it, it happens to my family, they deal with it.QUESTION. Do we all really ever learn how to DEAL with disappointment, sadness, regret - all those little dark feelings which slowly try to untangle your calm mind and make you bitter?
I say this - after meeting some nice people recently, not one appeared to have learned to deal with the nasty uncomfortable emotions which threaten to make us conservative in love or jealous or even frightened. Not one has truly learned about forgiveness and compassion. I saw nothing when I looked into their eyes, but a huge gap where someone had just left and slowly everything else around them was being sucked in...including their humanity. Nothing escapes. Maybe being humane is being bitter and letting everyone know how deeply you hurt inside? Humanity eats itself. Lol.

No wonder I find the taste so unpalatable.


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