Monday, February 19, 2007

Techno Junkman

Word. The new week has officially landed and I am already checking ads for places to be this coming weekend... the early bird catches the worm I guess.

I had a blast this weekend. It did however remind me one one very very good reason why I decided to join an internet dating site. To meet gals with the same interests and a SIMILAR AGE!

I went to Thekla and they were hosting a Hard house, techno, dance night - PLAY. It was wicked - again. I love the atmosphere and ladies are very much into dancing to the same tunes as me - sweet! I did meet a lovely gal and spent sometime chatting and being led around the club hand in hand, searching for her drunken mate. Who she found eventually. I don't know why I asked this, but I did manage to inquire to her age. 21 years old she told me. WHY ME? I felt pretty bad and vowed to myself never to call her after the night had finished. Incredible as it may seem, but I am only interested in someone at a similar point in their life as me, not matter how nice they seem. ARGGHH!

Life has been teasing me... I shall resist though. For the good of everyone involved... I will resist.


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