Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Double bedroom to rent in Clifton house

Yes yes yes... it's all happening again. We have a room to rent. So far this time we have only shown gals around the place - my house mates 'requires' that we have a lady in da house so we can keep it nice and tidy. Bah! He is probably right... a gal may help us keep the kitchen a wee bit tidier... we don't live like slobs though!! No no no... its a nice lad friendly pad. With a dish washer.

So here we go AGAIN. God give me strength.... patience.... a happy smile.... and shed loads of charm. Blow this! I'm off over to my mates place in Nice and partying. Let my house mate deal with it!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's good that I got your interest... atlast

Hey all, time to blog myself up to date.. loads has happened.

Almost completed the Isola2000 vid, it's looking pretty bad due to the naff grainy footage which was shot... stupid video camera.

Nsw finished with an ear infection which has kept me from doing hardly ANYTHING.. threatening to deafen me in one ear and make me fall over in a supermarket. Stupid tiled floors.

One of the 5-a-side teams which I play for got promoted! Great news I think you will agree... I'm chuffed anyways. Great balls of fire!

Nothing to give you regarding the dating front though. I have met some nice ladies and so far.. just friendly and relaxed. Errrr yep, thats it!

Last night though, stupidly I had 2 strong cups of coffee... which kept me up ALL DAMN NIGHT! I had some wicked nightmares. Infact in one, my door beel went off at 4am and I got up to answer it.... thats 2 flights of stairs (one a winding stair case), 2 rooms to cross and a long hall. I remember answering the door and looking to see nothing. All the way... back down to my room I felt that someone was watching me! Scary. Got back into bed.

Woke up this morning to find that actually did answer the door to a ring (in my head). Hmmmmm.... I wonder where my next adventure will take me.....

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