Monday, May 14, 2007


Back to work after a week in Portugal, surfing and having fun. I travelled out with 5 other guys to Lagos for a holiday which promised, sun, sea, surf, cheap beers, and laughs... and it didn't disappoint.

First night saw us arrive in Lagos around 10pm, just in time for a quick pizza and a few drinking games. Very quickly the tone of the holiday was set and we all went to bed relatively late... fairly well drunk.

Start surfing. After a quick 10 minute pointer in how not to become fish food, we were all sent into the white water to try our best to ride the odd ripple coming our way. The sun was hot and the sea beautifully warm and cosey. a few of us caught our first waves and had a bit of fun flipping a frisbie around too... to bed early for me that night - but a couple of the hard core partied on to the wee small hours.

The next few days of surf were a mixture of relaxed monging out, being hungover, ultimate frisbie, feet and necks getting sunburned and edging further and further out towards being 'outback', and beyond the white water.

Thursday.. and outback a couple of us went. AWESOME! I managed to catch 3 waves in quick succession, the final one was my ticket home back to the shore... it was amazing. The afternoon was absolutely bare for me. This was dress up evening and we got amazingly drunk and irritated the locals. The final activity included free running a waterfountain and causing mayhem in the town square. One of our party members (dressed as a Spartan) almost crippled himself on the cobbled streets. Gnarrrr!!!

Friday was easy sesh. Small waves and I only managed to catch one home... to be caught in a rip which almost dragged me back out behind the white water with cramp in my leg. My final surf ended up in me properly wiping out, loosing a contact lens, being hit on the head with my surf board and getting cramp... I limped back to shore crying. Big BIG night on the last night. Dance-offs, shots, girlies, burgers, the lot!!

Final day was waking up late and chilling, wandering around Lagos, looking for photo opportunties. I managed to drop in on a kiddies slide and we found a local skate park complete with local rippers. A sweet mini ramp controlled one corner of the park... I had great fun.

All in all... a great time was had by us all... can't wait to surf again.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Hey Bloggers. How good is the weather eh? Can't believe I'm shut away in an office...


Righto, in chronological order... I was very ill for atleast 4 weeks back in March/April, feeling better now. Well physically anyway. Started new contract in April too, and having a great time. New house mate arrived last weekend.. very clean and smiley!! Also someone crashed into my baby scooter narrowly missing my leg and putting it into the garage for the next 4 weeks.

Hmmmmm... oh yeah, off to Portugal this Sunday to rip up the Med on a surf board.

You heard it all here FIRST!

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