Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Flip it!

Decided that I need a new skateboard setup... so out I went - few quid in hand and desended upon one of the 3 local skate shops...

First up was a new deck. I ride a really narrow light deck at the moment - particualirly dangerous to those who don't know her... so after much brow furrowing and striking contemplative poses in the shop window, I head right in there and parted with £40 for a brand spanking new plank. Clichy - Footprint, 7.75inches wide, standard new age popsicle shape with nice gold and black graphix. Sweet!

I also needed new soft wheels to save my joints on the pavements so decided upon some classic green super dooper soft Krytos! The lady said they were 56mm in radius... I just waved the notes (£20) and hurridly made my way to my awaiting stead to get em home and have a play.

I mounted up an old pair of trucks, found out the wheels where just too big (ARGH!!) and placed the new setup in the corner in wait for a nice dry day. Next day I popped into shop number 2 for some more wheels :-( Lol. Deciding to attach the Kryptos to my extra wide board for nice easy laid back fun sessions. The new wheels where some ultra soft bones (definitely 56mm this time - £20) and some hard arse slidy shit (53mm £10), pretty light weight.

The evening arrived and I quickly got involved with a concrete bowl, on my new super fast, super stylish setup... and it didn't go round corners. YES THATS RIGHT! IT DIDN'T TURN!! So I spent 2 hours rolling backwards and forwards, kick turning and olling as high as I could. BUM!!

Next day, down in the third skate shop and after being tipped of that my trucks were a usless pile of metal crapola... I bought a slighly narrower version of my trustee Independant trucks (£40 Grrrooooannnn). New setup complete.... if this didn't work - then I was going to sell the lot and buy some 80's roller skates and day glo lycra.

Few days later the weather gods granted me a dry spell.... and WOW! I could turn again, at SPEED! I have the best sesh ever and can't wait to get out again.

Final set up....

Clichy Footprint 7.75 inch x 31.25 inch Deck, 1/8th inch risers, gun metal grey low rise 129 Indys, 54mm soft core Bones. Sex on 4 wheels.

Cuba done.

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