Monday, February 11, 2008

Living on a wing and a prayer

Yo! Just thought that I would stop by and unleash some news and fun onto my blog page once more (maybe twice). There has been many comments about my dissapperance from blog history just recently and I feel the need to off load... in the only way I know how.

I wish to point out that my life has not all of the sudden become so worthlessly boring and predictable that even a random surfer-by wounldn't find something mildly amusing about my inane ramblings and experiences... it's more to do with the media attention which many a good (and bad) blog site have been inflicted with. A few harsh stabs at us bloggers - demanding to be told the real incentive for us writing twoddle about our cruddy lives. It left me feeling a little bit shy and a tad angry.

Ok... today has been a wee bit infuriating - happily though it has left me with a rather interesting challenge which I am accepting with eagerness and hope. Can I possibly live for a week on £19.87p? I should explain why I only have £19.87p to my name until this Saturday evening shouldn't I...

It all started this morning when I cleverly left my wallet (with all my debit cards and ID) around my girl friends... 140 miles away. The car is in the garage and I shall not see her until Saturday evening. The only money I have to my name at home is a large bowl of change collected over the last few months. Instead of carrying around 3 kg of spare change everywhere - I decided to spend my first amount on taking the loose change to one of them cash counting machines. Wonderful devices - really. The machine goes through all your coins and issues you with a credit note minus some money for charity (7.9%). So my first payment was for £1.70p to a charity of their choice and I find myself with £21.42.. minus a ham sandwich and a twix... £19.87p.

I have decided that this week I will not borrow money, or owe any money. Rent has been paid and bills are covered - it is all about food and entertainment now.

Can I possibly do it!?

I'll keep you informed....


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