Thursday, January 21, 2010

Karma Wrath


I did something today which I am not entirely sure as to whether or not I can count it as good karma... or baaaaad karma. You help me decide.

I was travelling into work, on the M25 carpark which we laughingly refer to as a motorway, and a guy cut across a couple lanes of slow moving traffic and finished directly infront of me.

Not a problem in itself, but then the guy wound down his window and emptied a clutch of cigarette ends onto the road infront.

Now... I was p1$$ed off. I mean, what a tw@t. I memorised his car details, and went on my merry lil way. Once at work I reported his littering to that littering website - all his details. They don't have any powers to do much apart from add another name to a petition for the government to do something more about these truly pointless anti-social acts.

Tell me, was that a good thing to do or a bad and vengeful thing to do?


1 comment:

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