Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tramp Hunter

Hey, been a hectic day - plenty 'O work to do and not enough time. I won't bore you with that today though.

Popping into Oxford city centre whilst waiting for my next appointment, I hurried over to my favourite fast food shop - The Cornish Pasty shop on the High Street for a lunchtime filler.


I reccommend it to anyone vsiting Oxford who finds themselves out on the town and hungry.

Walking back to my car and scoffing my pasty, I was called to by a homeless dude, laying on the floor looking well sorry for himself. Pleading for some money. I don't like giving out money to street beggars most of the time, and told the geezer "No, sorry I couldn't help him" and carried on past. He called back to me asking for me to buy him a pasty too... so I readjusted my route to swing by the king of cornish pasty shops and buy the rascal his lunch. I couldn't turn down a request for some food could I?

I bought the pasty and headed over to where he lay, and he was gone! Couldn't believe it!

So I quickly walked around the city centre looking for him... nothing.. nowhere...no-one. Shame for him, bully for me coz I got my diner sorted too.

I'm pretty sure that doesn't count towards my karma credits as I didn't manage to deliver... I mean, I could have called back to him and told the fella to wait on, but I wanted to suprise him with some pure pasty gold. I'll keep looking for my karma credits this week..... who knows where they may be.


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