Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#30days30testimonials - Day 11

11 days into our festival of testimonials, we are at last going to a take-away restaurant!

These guys do not deliver... but why risk this gorgeous grub going cold any way? Today's testimonial is all about a quality food product - but it just so happens that the service is a smiley one too ;-)

Oriental, Park Street, St Albans [Chinese food take-away]

We have become a regular of this Chinese take-away due to how delicious the food is. Therefore this testimonial is made possible due to the continued production of quality cuisine - in particular the chilli and garlic squid [extra spicy - if you can handle it!]. My partner is addicted to the stuff - therefore they must be great.

So if you are in the area and looking for a speedy meal, which is great tasting, and served with a smile - then give these guys a go.

You won't regret it :)

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