Tuesday, August 21, 2012

#30days30testimonials - Day 3

Day Three of #30days30testimonials [see here for more details].

The same as yesterday, I managed 3 different Check-Ins* of establishments which had the opportunity to surprise me, with either a great product or service.

I met a local Architect for a business meeting in this venue, and found enough space to table some project drawings. Very convenient!

The Cross Keys Pub can be found on the High Street in  Harpenden, overlooking a picturesque town centre.

Hard to miss this pub, the pretty 16th century exterior stands out, and promises a warm welcome for all.

A rocket scientist will be with you in a flash
My colleague [who is from Harpenden] chose the venue and we planned to meet up in the pub during lunch time. It wasn't very busy at all, the pint was excellent and the atmosphere very relaxing :-)

Before my friend arrived though, I was greeted by a young, and very chatty barman. As the conversation blossomed, he went on to explain that he was a student at Hatfield University - studying Aeronautical Engineering, and has a penchant for rockets. Perhaps a budding rocket scientist in the making?

Obviously I managed to have a very good chat with him in 'engineerish' before my Architect buddy turned up to talk business.

We were told that the Cross Keys also benefited from a gorgeous beer garden out back for those lazy sunny afternoons.

Unfortunately though, today - I was working. Next time maybe.

Watch out for tomorrows testimonial, and have a great evening!

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