Thursday, August 23, 2012

#30days30testimonials - Day 5

So we are a few more days into the challenge and as expected, I am being pushed hard to find excellent services or products all over Hertfordshire - during a working day that is.

On Day 5, I managed 5 Check-Ins which could have resulted in me being bowled over by some quality product or customer service. To tell the truth, I wish that I could write about 2 of today's encounters; but sorry it's the rules of the game - 1 only. So, I'd like to shout about something that blew me away...

The Horn, Victoria Street, St Albans @HornVenue

This pub and music venue is going through major refurbishments currently. Which is quite exciting - because the interior is looking very dapper. I arrived just after lunch, and they have managed to open for business as work is still going on, in their lead up to the official launch night; this coming Saturday 25th August. They have a band lined up [The Slaves] and it promises to be a cool night out!

The reasons why The Horn made it into my #30days30testimonials challenge today are; yes of course friendly bar-staff - but most importantly for a rather awesome method to pay for your drink! If you are like me and you only tend to carry a debit card around, then paying for a single drink with said card is normally met with the rather annoying response of "minimum £5 for card payments buddy". Rats.

In The Horn though, they offered to put £5 on my card and then give me the difference in cash-back. How cool is that!?

I was impressed, and that kind of customer service is well appreciated :-)

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