Saturday, August 25, 2012

#30days30testimonials - Day 6

Good afternoon! This is a late update - please forgive my tardiness. I unexpectedly got drunk yesterday. To those of you who follow me on Foursquare - no I didn't get a tattoo done last night, I merely check'd in nearby ;-)

During my travels I manage to check-in to 8 locations which had the opportunity to wow me with perfect service or a great product.

I was right royally treated at 2 places, but as I said on Day 5... only one check-in gets the blog post.

Last night I was schmooze'd by the staff in a Japanese restaurant...

Bincho, Exmouth Market, London @BinchoYakitori

OK, strictly speaking this location was not in Hertfordshire... but it was sooo good!

We were served with meze style Japanese dishes, they arrive promptly and were delicious! Top Tip: Get the squid and the tiger prawns. #Lush 

BUT, this was not the biggest reason for my testimonial today. The service here was fantastic and they spent time to teach us a little bit about the saki wine which were about to get drunk on. It was served ice cold in a glass, in a cute wooden box - not a drop was wasted!

Really enjoyed our night in London; thanks to this quality meal.

Next up? Another #30days30testimonials back in good old St Albans of course!

Bye-bye for now :-)

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