Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Where's all the #30days30testimonials gone?

I'm sat here asking that very same question!

In my rush to help others, I forgot one key fact. In order to complete 30 enlightening testimonials in 30 days, I would need to be getting great service. Like every day.

So, a vital flaw in an otherwise awesome plan has popped up.

To that end I wish to announce that the challenge is still on, BUT with one very important change. Instead of completing one testimonial per day, I will post them up on my blog as and when I receive them. So long as I total 30 testimonials in a period of 30 days, no more, no less; my challenge is still valid!


The #30days30testimonials lives!!

We are on day 10 and already 4 testimonials down... yes we have some work to do. Or to be more precise - local business have some work to do!

You like that? See how I turned it around like a seasoned spin doctor? Yeah? Eh?

You got the idea.

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