Sunday, September 09, 2012

#30days30testimonials - Day 23

This weekend was a big on check-ins, and I blame the sunshine :-)

We escaped St Albans once again, but this time headed for the train station to get to the seaside. Our destination was Brighton, with no advance research on possible locations to visit. Sunday was all about serendipity and Foursquare tips. 

All we did was grab a few items, put them in a bag and pocketed an iPhone and iPad.

By the time we arrived, breakfast was on our minds...

Seven Bees Café, Ship Street Gardens, Brighton - Café, and Coffee Shop @sevenbeescafe

You simply would not find this place, unless you knew where it was, or were given very good directions to find it. But who would look for the Seven Bees anyway? The name hardly rolls off the tongue does it?

Firing up my Foursquare app, we location searched for a café. Around 10 sprang out of the digital map and we quickly honed in on the ones directly between the train station, and the beach

Seven Bees Café was coloured yellow, which represents a special deal for the mayor. So we scanned this place first.

There were lots of really great tips and photos shared by past customers - and without checking any further, we marched towards the beach. 

After a short walk, we had to then take a leap of faith, and head down a very narrow and empty looking backstreet [Ship Street Gardens]. Our courage was rewarded when we stumbled upon the yellow front to the café.

Both Sammy and I ordered the Big Breakfast [it was tipped quite heavily on the app]. We were not disappointed. It was gorgeous!

Swilling it all down with a large mug of breakfast tea, we left as the café was getting rather busy and beginning to turn customers away. Not before I had chance to tweet about the event and leave a tip though!

A great place to visit and stop for breakfast if you fancy the hour and 3 quarters train journey down south.

Friday, September 07, 2012

#30days30testimonials - If it's good enough for Tom

Day 21

I know what you are thinking, and yes perhaps the subject of today's testimonial doesn't need any more attention... but the grub does.

So lets get on with it :-)

We are back in St Albans, and this time visiting an Indian Restaurant which made the national news due to a certain Hollywood actor turning up for a late night curry fix...

Watford Junction to St Albans Abbey

What a fantastic service! Not.

This post is double edged from a testimonial point of view #30days30testimonials

Loving the fact that during my approach to Platform 11 @ Watford Junction, I was forewarned by a ticket conductor about possible delays and cancellations to my intended destination - St Albans Abbey... but was there any alternative?

Yes there was an alternative; this was being stuffed on a bus amongst a bunch of confused and 'irate' passengers.

As it turns out, we were delivered to St Albans by bus - a mere hour late.

Onwards and upwards eh?... #meh

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Zombie Armies and Running

Running without a stopwatch. This is not the only method I use to 'mix' up my running patterns.

My interest in running does wane from time to time - especially when I begin to treat it too seriously. So I switch off the timer, and I open my eyes to imagine more. Not worrying about the seconds and minutes ticking away as I gather up more tarmac and muddy lanes really does change the landscape.

 Here's what I was thinking about on my last run...

Saturday, September 01, 2012

#30days30testimonials - Day 14

As I mentioned before, I have struggled to find great things to talk about whilst working, so therefore as expected - it falls to my [less busy] weekends to fill you in.

Unexpectedly though, has been the difficulty to find awesome products or fantastic service to write about. This has not stopped me from carrying out mini #30days30testimonials on Foursquare though [so follow me] :-)
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