Saturday, September 01, 2012

#30days30testimonials - Day 14

As I mentioned before, I have struggled to find great things to talk about whilst working, so therefore as expected - it falls to my [less busy] weekends to fill you in.

Unexpectedly though, has been the difficulty to find awesome products or fantastic service to write about. This has not stopped me from carrying out mini #30days30testimonials on Foursquare though [so follow me] :-)

My intention was to showcase a number of the great testimonials here, on my blog. 

Back to the testimonials of the day. Yes testimonials. This will be a quick run down on where I have been and my initial thoughts of the experience. You'll know when I am excited the product or service.

My first stop of the day was in the Snug bar in central St Albans. I have been a few times before but never been able to beat my way though the rude, youthful crowd to the bar, and inevitably swore, gave up - gone some where else.

Today was a bit easier to make it to the bar. The majority of the clientèle definitely still had that young, cool look - which was quite nice to see. After I was served, I walked to the beer garden out back, which was pleasant :-)

I eventually settled upon a comfy seat adjacent the front door and settled into some blogging whilst I watched St Albans walk-by. All in all, enjoyable. I eventually got bored of re-establishing my WiFi link and wandered off to find another place to finish my blog.

Next up? The White Hart Tap, on Keyfield road, in St Albans. I love this place. There I said it.

For starters I was greeted with a fantastic pint for £3.50! Less said about the guys who queue jumped me at the bar the better.

I sat down at the window seat to finish writing my blog, but I happen to know that their beer garden is large, and a real crowd pleaser during the sunny afternoons.

The staff are great and the place has a real local buzz about it.

All in all, a boozy afternoon.

More testimonials to follow.

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