Friday, September 07, 2012

#30days30testimonials - If it's good enough for Tom

Day 21

I know what you are thinking, and yes perhaps the subject of today's testimonial doesn't need any more attention... but the grub does.

So lets get on with it :-)

We are back in St Albans, and this time visiting an Indian Restaurant which made the national news due to a certain Hollywood actor turning up for a late night curry fix...

The Veer Dhara Indian Restaurant and Lounge - St Peter's Street, St Albans @veerdhara

I have to say that this testimonial is aimed squarely at the fantastic product [the food] and not necessarily the service. The service we received was as you would expect, for a well respected restaurant.

The additional time which we waited for our meals was mainly due to the size of our group. Some had starters, some had beer [actually, most of us had beer] - so the arrival of our food was staggered, and as a result I became very very hungry, and possibly a little drunk too ;-)

We noticed that drinks were being served at a fast rate, but no one seemed to be able to work out who ordered them. So my first tip is this, if you are on a budget or keeping count of the cost - then refuse any drinks brought to your table; unless you can track it back to the person who ordered them.

Once the food arrived though, all was forgiven.

My order of onion bhaji's, naan bread and lamb madras was so tasty, and the best I have eaten for a while now. The smell of my companions food was bliss, but my taste buds were sold on my order. As expected though, to the loud chants of "HE. LEFT. MEAT! HE. LEFT. MEAT!" I didn't manage to completely finish my meal due to the large amounts of poppadoms and mango chutney I consumed whilst waiting.

School boy error, and one which I do not normally commit.

Good times and a fantastic meal. Because the meal was so strung out - I was sober enough to able to ride my chariot* down Holywell Hill for the first time in the dark.

Loved that.

If anyone took a picture of me - please send it my way :-)

*chariot* - my skateboard

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